07-31-09 Baie Fine Fjord

[Rick] Yesterday, in our haste to get from Killarney to Little Current, we bypassed a recommended side trip to Baie Fine (Bay Fin) fjord. This is a natural fjord, with quartz and limestone, rather than granite. So, today, we ate lunch, got some gas in the boat, and headed out for Baie Fine.

It turns out that because of the way you have to go, the end of Baie Fine is EAST of Killarney and while Killarney is 22 miles from Little Current, Baie Fine is a round trip of 54 miles. It is basically a canyon, hills on both sides, and rock islands in the middle. The sides of the hills are tree covered. At the end, where there is a “pool”, there were about 14 boats anchored enjoying the scenery. Several boats were anchored on the way in, off in various coves and hideaways.

There are several cottages in the fjord, and we saw one that had a rope bridge to the next island.

In the areas we thought to be shallow, Betsy rode up front and watched for problem areas, rocks. (We just heard this morning of another looper that had to go back to Penetanguishene after hitting a rock). We had none. Most of the depths were 25 or more feet. But, you never know when a rock will jump into your path and cause problems. It turns out that while in Baie Fine Fjord on 07-31-09, we attained the northernmost point of our trip. The first time over 46 degrees North at 46 03.009N and 81 28.667W.

We were a little disappointed in the scenery…maybe we were expecting too much, but we think that if one does Collins Inlet, it is not necessary to do Baie Fine as well. They are very similar. In fact, they both look a lot like many places in Alaska. At any rate, we came, we saw, we recorded. Enjoy.

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