07-02-09 Alexandria Bay (Day 2)

Not a great day today. It rained most of the day, sometime hard and sometime just a sprinkle. We are lucky to be in a covered shed for a slip. While we are always dry, it is good not to have the rain pounding on your boat all day. On the bright side, we did get the 500 hr service on the motors today. They pulled us out of the water at 1230 and by 1300, a tech from Thousand Island Marine was hard at work. Here is a picture of the Rick ‘N Roll II in the sling being carried to the shed for work. The rivers, canals, etc can make your boat very dirty, especially after being in the water for a long time. So, here is a picture of the water line on the port bow. Most of the day was spent just trying to keep dry. Tomorrow, weather permitting, we leave for Kingston, CANADA. We have to check in with Canadian Customs, and we will be ready to begin the Canadian part of the trip. Tomorrow, upon entering Canada, we will turn off our cell phones. It is too expensive to use them up here, especially if you are with US Cellular. So, if you want to reach us, e-mail us at or

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