3 weeks to go...

Well, things are beginning to happen. Less than 3 weeks until we leave and a lot is going on. The boat is at Johnson's Marine for the 400 hr service. We had to have the brakes on the trailer worked on before we could even get the boat to Johnsons. Waiting to put the boat back in the water to complete the AutoPilot. A guy named David is to come next week to wax the boat and we will be putting everythig back on in final prep. Check back soon.
Well, we are back from Charleston and the AGLCA rendezvous. Very nice affair, we learned a lot of things. It was very windy and on two days very cold, into the mid-30s at night. All in all, we had a great trip and we had all the things we needed. I guess you could say it was a successful shakedown cruise.