07-19-09 Big Chute Rail Lock

Today was one of the highlights of the trip. We left Rama, ON and traveled 4 hours to Big Chute. Along the way, we saw beautiful homes built up on the rocks with excellent docks and “play” places on the water. The houses were more spectacular than the ones previously.

It has been cold here, so we were surprised at these "Crazy Canadians".

Big Chute is the home of the only rail lift lock in the world. We arrived and tied to the wall, not the blue line, so we could go and observer the operation and see the thing in action. It is a carriage, on two rails that take boats from one side of a road to the other, by passing OVER the road. Boats enter the carriage, are strapped in, then lifted 65 feet into the air and then transported to the other side and deposited into the water. Due to the construction of the railway, with two sets of tracks, the load stays level at all times. Based on the size of the boats, the chute can take from 1-6 boats. We decided to spend the night on the wall, go through the lock tomorrow morning and head for Pentetangishene for the gathering of loopers in Canada. Here are several pictures of the Big Chute.

Along the way ot Big Chute, we passed through Lock 42. It drops us 45 feet.

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