07-30-09 Little Current, ON

[Rick] Thursday found us making our way from Killarney to Little Current, a distance of 20 miles. It is a very easily navigated stretch and very little stress. We thought we needed to be here by Thursday as they have their annual Haweater Festival this weekend. Haweater is local term for anyone that eats the Hawthorn Berry, locally very plentiful. We were told that if we waited until Friday, the locals would get all the spaces and the marina, run by the town of Little Current, does not take reservations. First come, first served. The festival will include fireworks, parades, barbeques, boat races, and a whole page more. We later find that we could have come Friday and gotten a space.

Little Current is on Manitoulin Island, the largest inland island in the world. The island was relatively undiscovered until the late 1960s when an old railroad bridge was converted to a one lane car bridge. This bridge is the only one to the island and opens for boat traffic for 15 minutes at the top of the hour. The normal height is 16 feet.

During the trip, we meet a tall ship in full sail. Looks like the 1700s all over again. She was not going very fast, but she was pretty.

We arrived early, around 1100 and docked at the town dock, the Port of Little Current. Pookie II and Perfect Remedy were close behind. We are docked just in front of the ice cream store. We did some exploring, to find that this town has most anything you need. They have a huge laundry, grocery, LCBO, bank, etc. The marina staff is very helpful and they have over 200 slips

Little Current Lighthouse...

Ice Cream Shop...Very busy...

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