02-20-10 Jacksonville FL – Isle of Palms

[Rick] We are about 15 miles from downtown Jacksonville FL and technically in the town of Isle of Palms. There is little to checkout in this area without a car. I contacted one of my college classmates but he had to work and could not meet us for dinner. So, we spent the day reading and watching the Olympics and going to Publix for some groceries.

The marina, Palm Cove, is a busy one. They have a large dry stack and they spent the day loading and unloading boats for their clients. Of course, they use a huge forklift and I often wonder just how many boats they have dropped in the past. But, the process looks very safe and simple.

While I have some spare space, let me tell you one of the funny stories from our trip.

We were in Oswego, NY and were discussing our passage to Clayton with one of the other boats. We were hunched over a set of charts planning the route. Another man, who we did not know from a 40 ft boat came over and was watching us. Finally he said to us, “What is the deal with all these maps?”. We looked at him kind of funny and he indicated that he did not have any charts. “How do you navigate?” I asked. He replied that he has a placemat from a restaurant that has a drawing of Lake Ontario on it. Sure enough, the next morning, he was headed out to go across Lake Ontario. Sure made my captain’s license look like overkill.

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