02-11-10 Titusville FL Missile Launch II

[Rick] We awoke this morning to a chilly day. The temperature was in the mid 30’s and the wind chill was 28 degrees. Tomorrow, snow is expected in the panhandle. What a weird weather pattern.

We took the rental car back to Enterprise and the nice person behind the counter agreed to let us keep the car a couple of hours longer so that we could use it to watch the missile launch. This is the launch that was scrubbed yesterday. It is a Saturn 5 rocket taking an exploratory satellite into space to study the sun for the next 10 years.

We did not go all the way back to Cape Canaveral, a distance of about 15 miles. Instead, we went to a park in Titusville that is across the waterway from the launch site. The launch took off right on schedule. It was about 8 miles away and the day was very bright. So, we saw the fire from the rocket but could barely see the actual rocket. Like the shuttle, the sound from the launch took about 75 seconds to reach us. It was very loud. The missile disappeared into the clouds.
We returned the car and spent the rest of the day lolling around the boat. I did get a haircut. My hair is now the length of Anderson Cooper.

We plan to leave tomorrow for New Smyrna Beach. However, it is suppose to be raining tomorrow and we may have to spend another day here. We will make a decision tomorrow morning.

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