02-07-10 Shuttle Launch

4:59AM...We're back on the boat from a SUCCESSFUL, BEAUTIFUL SHUTTLE LAUNCH. More to bed.



  1. You need to wake up! We are waiting for your observations and descriptions of the launch. Inquiring minds want to know. Lance and Becky

  2. Linda and Dick SchneiderFebruary 24, 2010 at 9:56 PM

    I think everyone should see a Shuttle Launch. Dick and I have seen four. The first we were north on the beach, but the same mass of land and the ground right there on the ocean shook.
    We were closer the next two times, close enough to see the NASA building and the shuttle take off near by, but on another piece of unattached land, we didn't feel the ground shake but the power of the thing is amazing. Dick's brother woke us at our hotel to drive with him to see a night launch. Flashy, but I still prefer the day time.