02-03-10 Titusville, FL

[Rick] We left Melbourne FL today and headed for Titusville, FL. It had rained all day on Monday, and yesterday was chilly and overcast. Today it was windy with highs in the 60s and a little overcast. The wind caused our ride to Titusville to be a choppy one, but we only had a little over 30 miles to go and our boat is made for chop so it wasn't a bad ride.

We really liked the town of Melbourne. The marina is very adequate with all the required services. The town is very close to the marina, only about 3 blocks away. The main street is quaint, with several antique shops and several specialty shops. There are about 15 eating places. We would highly recommend it to other loopers.

The reason we are in Titusville is to watch a space shuttle launch. We have planned on this stop since the very beginning of the journey. We have never seen a launch in person and we have always been interested in the shuttle program. A little known fact is that Mike Smith, the pilot of the ill-fated Challenger in 1986, was in my Beaufort High School Class of 1963. We checked ahead and several people told us that we can see the launch just across the waterway. The actual launch is this Sunday Morning, February 7 at 0439. As a nighttime launch it should be spectacular. Here is a picture of the NASA Assembly Building that we took while on the waterway. It was a little foggy and the building is about 2 miles away.

The Titusville Marina does not have cable or free wifi, so the week here will be a little less entertaining. On the other hand, we plan to rent a car tomorrow and go to the Space Museum and go to Orlando to visit with Ben Newlin and Disney's Wild Kingdom. The car will come in handy.

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