08-29-09 Marine Services Corp Marina - Dolton, IL

[Rick] Once again, it is cold. Four of the loopers here have made arrangements to be towed through the carpel tunnel tomorrow. At first, we were going to go with them. But, as we thought about it, we decided to stay here for several days and see what happens. This means that we will be here for at least a week, as no decision will be made before Friday. We decided to stay for several reasons. First and foremost, our friends behind us will be arriving here the first of the week and we want to cruise and socialize with them. There is the matter of the $600 that the tow will cost. If we wait, they may just reopen the river after Labor Day. By staying, we can get a couple of nagging maintenance problems looked at and maybe even fixed. So, we are in Dolton, IL, next to Calumet, next to Chicago waiting for the Coast Guard to do testing on fiberglass boats and making a decision. The Corps of Engineers has made it clear that they are only concerned with stopping the carp, not the boaters or navigation of the Illinois River.

After deciding to stay, we moved the boat to a different slip to be closer to the land (for Beamer), to the bathrooms (for both of us), and to get a better wi-fi signal. It all worked out and now we have a good enough signal to watch our favorite TV programs on our computer. You just have to find something to fill the hours if you are to be here a week. The marina was good enough to hand me the keys to a loaner vehicle, a big stinkin’ truck, and we can go to town and church, etc. So, we are here for a while. There will be little to report.

(Betsy adds): Not a casino in sight! That’s probably a good thing! I’m soooo happy to be on the river and not the big water any more!!! The next big water is the Gulf of Mexico, and that’s months down the road.

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