08-24-09 East Chicago, IN

[Rick] Not a lot to talk about today. We got up early to be ready for the technician from Calumet Marine. He is to perform the 600 hour maintenance on the Honda Motors. Since I do not have my trailer, we used his trailer that normally carries a World Cat. He finally arrived at 1000, we took the boat out of the water and drove the 15 miles to his shop. His business is him, his wife and their two sons. They seem very competent, and as best I can tell, did a thorough job, including hooking the motors up to a specialized diagnostic computer. The diagnostics were fine. The bill, including the hauling to and fro, was $950.00. But, it has to be done. We do not want to be in the middle of the Mighty Mississippi and have engine problems, especially foreseeable problems.

While they were performing the maintenance, I spent some time cleaning the sides of the boat. Near the waterline was really dirty as this was the first time I have really cleaned the outside since we left NC, over 3 months ago. I had ordered a new door latch and lock from West Marine and had it sent to the marine shop. I will put that on tomorrow.

You are probably wondering what Betsy did all day while I was gone with the boat. Well, there is a casino about 100 yards away. Enough said.

Bet$y add$: It wa$ a great day! Trip four$!

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