08-26-09 East Chicago, IN IV

[Rick] Today was not very productive. We spent some time trying to figure out a way to get through the Carpel Tunnel (:-}). We called several places about putting our boat on a truck and transporting it by road past the obstruction. Everywhere we called; we got answering machines and left messages. No one called back. We did confirm more info about the tow and barge being used to transport fiberglass boats through the closed area. It now looks that this will be our solution. Here is the deal. You get explicit permission from the Coast Guard, pay $600 CASH, unhook your batteries, turn off anything that runs on the boat, tie up to a barge, vacate the boat, and the barge will tow you and the other boats available down the 7 tenths of a mile past the closure. Then, off you go…..Problem solved. There is only one tow company “blessed” by the CG to do this work.

In addition to our dilemma about the closure, the day was miserable. It was cold, barely into the 60s, and beginning mid afternoon, it rained the rest of the day and into the night. The forecast for tomorrow is for steady rain and more chilly temps.

We are making plans to move to another marina to be closer to the closure, just in case there is a window of opportunity to go through. We will get into the Calumet river about 10 miles from the closure, at an AGLCA sponsor marina. It has a courtesy car and some businesses nearby. We will not be so isolated and there are other loopers there. There is no casino, but that is the price we pay.

Tomorrow, rain looks to be in the forecast. There will be little to report, unless there is some break in the stalemate at the “Carpal Tunnel”.

In case you are not familiar with the Asian Carp, its jumping ability and its invasive nature, here are a some links to videos for you to check out.

Invasion effects:

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