08-25-09 What a revoltin’ development this is……

[Rick] The day started out with great joy. The river was to be opened at 0500. We would be able to go tomorrow, after waiting for a backlog to clear. I replaced the door latch and installed a new computer screen on the small laptop (QT Pie) that was broken back at Drummond Island. We had ordered the screen from Ebay and had it delivered to the Calumet Marine, the folks that worked on the motors. It was a beautiful thing.

ZAP. Lightning strikes. We went online to view recent notes about the river closure/opening and found that the Coast Guard had issued a document that the river will be closed until at least September 9, and maybe longer. In fact, the Coast Guard Captain indicated the river may be closed for months, years, and maybe permanently.

The real “downer” is that the note also indicates that the CG and Corps of Engineers will meet THIS WEEK to decide on testing protocols. They do not even know what they are testing, what test to do, what is considered pass or fail. It is government at its worst, all full of ego and power with no concern for the people that pay the salaries. All of this and the river has already been closed for two weeks.

Later, when the day warmed up, I turned on the Air Conditioner and it promptly cut off. I got an error code indicating that the pressure was too high. I checked and there is no water going through the system. So, we will wait for a town that has a Cruisaire dealer to look at it. It appears that will be Chattanooga, TN.

Such is the life of a looper. Pure Joy one minute and not so joyful the next. At least we get to stay here, for $30 a day, and recharge our bodies and clean up the boat.
A Spillway on the Calumet River....

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