06-30-09 Nephew Chris visits us in Oswego, NY

Betsy speaks: We slept in this morning, resting up from days doing locks and preparing for the big day tomorrow when we cross Lake Ontario, which will be by far the largest body of water we’ve encountered (except the brief stint in the Atlantic Ocean just before entering New York Harbor).

It was raining off and on this morning, but the several other boats that had tied up here in Oswego left early today to cross the lake. We are staying over one more night so that my nephew Chris, who lives just over an hour away in Rochester, could come to visit us. We were thrilled that he took the time to come…he is a school teacher and his summer break just started last week, so the timing was perfect. We had a nice visit, treated him to lunch, and were reminded that today is his 31st birthday! Instead of a present, we gave him all the charts and cruise guides we have used up to this point that we no longer need! It was a large pile of stuff, and we were glad to get that extra weight off the boat. Chris, my brother’s son, is driving to North Carolina on Friday to spend the week of July 4 at Topsail Beach with his parents, so he will take the charts there and we’ll get them back when we return home.

After Chris left I rode my bicycle into town just to look around and try to get a haircut. Oswego is a nice town and I was glad we had stayed here long enough to take a look around. I was not successful in getting a haircut…tried 4 places but none could take me as a walk-in!

Later in the afternoon we visited with three other boats that had arrived. We’ll all be crossing Lake Ontario tomorrow, though the others will head straight to Kingston, Ontario, whereas Rick and I will be heading a little more to the east to the town of Alexandria Bay, NY. That is where we’ve arranged for the 500 hour service on the motors that was supposed to happen in Brewerton but got cancelled at the last minute. We met another boat right here at the marina that is also heading in that direction, is more or less a local and has made the crossing many times. Also, his speed is about the same as ours, so we’re just going to follow him which will make the trip much easier across unfamiliar waters I think. This picture shows the Oswego Canal entering Lake Ontario at the lighthouse.


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  1. Hi Betsy and Rick -
    Good to have a little time this evening to catch up with your blog - so glad your nephew was able to catch up with you in Oswego. Sorry we will not see you in Michigan! Sunday was great - will tell you all about it in an email soon!
    hugs from both,
    Margaret & Tim