06-01-09 Two weeks in and still going strong - Visitors Welcome

Betsy here.
As we left Solomons Island this morning, we were again thankful for friends…Jim and Lisa Favors are spending the summer in Solomons on their yacht Kismet. Jim was kind enough to lend us his truck yesterday to go to the grocery store for minor provisioning. The Favors have completed the loop at least once, and are living aboard their boat in Solomons for the summer. We had met them in Charleston in April. They have written a book about the loop and Lisa is just getting started on a second book about women and boating. Theirs was one of the several books we had read prior to departure.

We had a smooth 3 hour cruise to Annapolis, (as witnessed by Rick and the AutoPilot in the photo) and as I was working my way between mooring balls heading for the Annapolis City Dock, we were pulled by the Coast Guard. I knew I wasn’t going too fast or making any wake because I was just creeping along making sure I was headed in the right direction. Rick did the talking while I stayed at the helm…they just wanted to board us for a safety check. First question was whether we had any weapons on board. The easy answer to that was “no guns or knives allowed on a 6,000 mile trip with 2 people on a boat this size!” Anyway, Rick answered all their questions and displayed all safety equipment required, so we now have an official safety inspection report that we can just show if they try to board us again during this trip. (Side note to Toad….we aren’t required to have a bell!! Ha! Ha!)

We are in the heart of downtown Annapolis, docked at the City Dock. We would be happy for any friends or relatives in the DC or Annapolis area to visit us. Many restaurants are within sight, and all the shops are right at our fingertips. We plan to be here for 3 nights, then on to Baltimore for 3 nights. So if you want to see us underway, give us a call and we’d love to have a visit…sorry we can’t provide overnight accommodations!
Beamer enjoys using the AutoPilot.....
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