06-09-09 Cape May NJ

Betsy here again: One of the basic rules for loopers is that when safety is an issue, one “no go” vote wins, and there is no discussion or argument. Period! Safety decisions usually involve weather or sea conditions. I had exercised a “no go” vote earlier in this cruise…I don’t even remember the circumstance now. This morning Rick made the “no go” decision. Weather reports called for rain and scattered thunderstorms. But when we got up this morning the sky didn’t look too bad. We ate breakfast and prepared to leave Cape May, planning to take the inside passage to Atlantic City and stop about mid way. I had studied the charts and cruising guides yesterday and saw there were plenty of places to duck into if the threatened thunderstorms became reality.

We had just unplugged the power and undone one of the bow lines preparing to leave. The sky to the west was getting blacker by the minute, but to the east, the sun was shining. I really didn’t like this location very much so was anxious to go, even if just a little way. Then we heard a roll of thunder, and Rick said “I’m exercising my no vote” and that was it. We plugged the power back in and retied the bow line, and I got out the next book I was planning to read (my 4th for the trip, 3 Grishams, 1 James Patterson). Within minutes it was pouring, with lots of thunder and some lightening. And that went on most of the morning.

The rain stopped around lunch time, and the afternoon turned out to be very nice. But we were committed to staying (we’d already paid for another night), so we spent the afternoon straightening up and cleaning the boat. Hopefully we’ll head out tomorrow morning. The weather forecast is still not great, but not quite as foreboding as it was for today.

We’ve made very few advance reservations along the way, usually just calling the next marina once we are underway, or in a couple of cases not even calling until we are within sight and call on the radio. But today we did make reservations for Trump Marina in Atlantic City for Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Weekend rates are $4.00 per foot, the most we’ve paid yet! Hopefully, I’ll get lucky at the blackjack or craps table and be able to cover it!

We’ve had over 2,000 hits on the web page, which I think is pretty exciting! E-mails indicate many of you read the blog first thing every morning. We love it when you leave comments, and encourage more of you to do that. Thanks to all of you that have signed our guest book! I’ve had cousins I’ve never met sign in, as well as friends of cousins! Lots of church friends are following us, as well as neighbors from both Sneads Ferry and Topsail Beach.

Rick wanted to point out that there is a new link on the web page that has nothing to do with looping, but just something you might enjoy: Click on “Just for Laughs” to see.

Again, we love comments to the blog, personal e-mails, and phone calls! Thanks….Betsy

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  1. Good call Rick on the "no go!" Did y'all get to see any of the pretty Victorian homes at Cape May? Bets - good luck at the tables!
    Yes, I'm one of those early morning "check-ins" on the blog! Have my "list" to read while having the first cup of java!
    Hope you two have a great day!