05-31-09 Solomon's Island MD

We have spent the past two days at Solomon’s Island. The trip from Deltaville was 63 miles and the weather was almost perfect. This is a wonderful old timey sea town, with sailboats and power craft everywhere. Much like Deltaville, there are many more boats than people with mega marinas. Even the Comfort Inn and the Holiday Inn have marinas. Many people get around via dinghy. The Solomon’s Yachting Center is very nice with floating docks and first class facilities. The town is busy with tourists and the restaurants are hopping. We attended the Solomon’s United Methodist Church. The preacher stood in the front of the church and preached about Pentecost Sunday with very little notes. He was very good and the presentation was excellent.

On Sunday afternoon, we once again visited the Calvert Marine Museum, which we had visited last year. This is one of the finest local museums you can find. We were particularly interested in the Predator Exhibit, fish and animals that are not supposed to be in the area, but are, and upset the ecosystem. The snakehead fish and the green crab are examples.

We spent about 15 minutes watching the otters. Much of their activity looked like synchronized swimming. They are so much fun to watch and they are so active. When we turn to port out of the channel tomorrow heading for Annapolis, we will be in new territory for us. Betsy's been studying the charts and plotting the way. Rick

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  1. Hi Betsy and Rick,

    Missed you at Topsail this weekend. It was beautiful.

    I repaired a few of the treads on the sound-side steps that were loose and hazardous by adding risers under the ones that were in worst shape. It does not look great because some have risers and some don't, but it is safe. Maybe I'll get around to putting them on all steps sometime.

    I played tag with a large cabin boat - probably 50+ feet that was flying a LOOP flag from the inlet cut up to the SC bridge. It was Charm III, or something like that, from Montreal. It was probably the biggest wake I've been through on the jet ski, but he did slow down for others he would have rocked too much.

    Enjoy! John