05-23-09 Coinjock, NC

Betsy here:

We had two very relaxing nights in Dowry Creek, near Belhaven, NC. There were 3 other loopers there, one from Michigan, one from Guntersville, AL, and one from England! We had a nice visit with them at the Dowry Creek Marina clubhouse last night and shared war stories…of course they all had more than we did so far!

We pulled out of Dowry Creek at 0800, and our crossing of the Albemarle Sound was picture perfect…water was just one ripple above being glassy smooth. We are glad to have the Neuse, Pamlico and Albemarle behind us! We arrived in Coinjock just in time for lunch. My mouth was watering for the homemade potato chips I remembered from last year when we stopped here, and they were just as good as I remembered! The restaurant here advertises itself as the “Home of the 32 oz. Prime Rib” but we’ll probably pass that up for more potato chips for dinner!

Tomorrow we’ll make the short easy run to Chesapeake, VA, where we will sit for at least 2 nights waiting to get the heat pump repaired or replaced…being a holiday weekend we’ll have to wait til Tuesday morning to get it taken care of, but at least there is a dealer there that seems to have what we need. We also have a slight concern about the starboard throttle not responding very well…we had mentioned this to the marina that serviced the motors right before our departure but they neglected to fix it. The major concern is that it will lock up when I’m docking and I’ll look like an idiot through no fault of my own! If the marina in Chesapeake can’t fix it, there is a Glacier Bay Dealer in Yorktown that can!

Blog will probably continue after AC repair on Tuesday. Betsy

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