05-24-09 Great Bridge, VA

Rick Speaks.
We made the 38 mile trip from Coinjock, NC to Atlantic Marine in Great Bridge Va. Very easy run of about 2.5 hours. We will be here for at least 3 days as we wait for the AC guy on Tuesday. We have also scheduled the Atlantic guy to look at our throttles as the starboard one is beginning to stick a little too much.

Betsy is sitting back reading a Grisham book and Beamer is in a sunbeam, as usual. We are sticking to our plan of eating breakfast and lunch on the boat and, if convenient, eating on shore at night. We need to eat more from the boat to lighten the load. We are about 2 inches below the normal water line and when full of fuel, cannot make any good mileage. Just had a good rain shower, which cooled everything off. It has been hot the past 3 days, after that windy, cold first four days.

We need to say a little about this marina. It is wonderful. It is very peaceful, overlooking a pine forest. They have a reputation for excellent work. They do any type of marine work. They even have a dockmaster on duty, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Day 7 and the adventure continues.


  1. Dear Betsy and Rick,
    Good luck on your trip!! I will be following your blog. I hope you get the minor glitches fixed before they get bigger! Keep us posted as you keep going along...



  2. Hi Betsy. Glad to hear you made it 38 miles. I was able to get June Bug 7-1/2 200 feet and it is now resting comfortably in the sun.

  3. Missed a nice week-end at Topsail. Very crowded but nice weather. Today is overcast. Stay happy....