1 Day to Go

It is Sunday, May 17 and it is raining cats and dogs. Hope this is not an omen for our departure tomorrow at 1100. The boat is filled "to the gills" with our stuff and food. We will have to eat our way off the boat. I think we have tried to put the contents of our home into the boat, and it is not working.......The tech from Wilmington is on way to fix the connector on the AutoPilot. Hope goes well and quickly. Our preacher brought us up to the front of the church this morning and went over our planned trip and then prayed for our safety and good health on the trip. It was much appreciated. Tomorrow is the big day. If all goes well, we will be in Oriental, Belhaven, Coinjock, Norfolk and Yorktown over the next week, spending most of Memorial day in Yorktown.

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