06-07-09 Chesapeake City, MD

It is Sunday and we made the 54 mile trip from Baltimore to Chesapeake City. The boat traffic was pretty congested on the way up. We have now travelled over 500 miles. Yeah!!!!

The city sits on the western end of the C&D canal, which connects the Chesapeake Bay with the Delaware River or Bay. The Chesapeake Inn and Marina, is very busy on the weekends. So much so that, they charge 2.75 per foot on the weekends and 2.00 in the week. But, they have good facilities and are just off the canal. The marina has 2 restaurants, a Tiki Bar, and a band every day. It is the happening place in town. We have never seen so many of the “go-fast” boats, the Scarabs, Fountains, Baja, and Donzi on the water and at least 100 motorcycles in the front parking lot. It was busy all day. Locals come in for lunch, pay $5 and park their boat and listen to the music.

The town is very quaint, reminding us of an old English town, with old homes and bushy, crowded gardens. Brick sidewalks and narrow streets lead one to several B&Bs.
There is a city dock. Free docking but you pay for electricity and water. They have 8 spaces with electic and water and a face dock about 100 yarda long with no amenities.

Tomorrow, we go down the canal 13 miles to the Delaware Bay. Then 47 miles to Cape May NJ, where we turn North for Atlantic City and New York. Keep following and see how we do……

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  1. Sounds like a place we would love! Tim would love the "go fast" boats, and I would love the quaint town and gardens! Thanks for sharing all this info with us! Stay safe and smooth sailing today!
    hugs to both,