01-24-10 Lighthouse Point – The Pink Church

[Rick] Well, today is Sunday and that means finding a church to attend. Yesterday, while riding her bike in town, Betsy saw The First Presbyterian Church or “The Pink Church” as it is known. This is as close to a mega-church as we have attended. They have a Casual, Contemporary, and a Traditional service and the church holds about 1500 people. The pulpit is in the shape of the bow of a boat.

Over the past 8 months, we have attended about every ceremony or special occasion that is performed in a church. We have baptized babies, admitted new members, installed elders, taken communion, lit 4 Advent candles, and had homecoming. Today, at The Pink Church, was “Scottish Heritage Day”. This is special for Betsy and me as we attended St Andrews Presbyterian College which has a terrific Scottish heritage including an award winning Scottish pipe and drum corps.

The service today had a bagpiper, a presentation of the Scottish Clan Flags, and a special poem by Scottish poet Robert Burns. Tartan and plaid was in abundance throughout the church.

The minister, Rev. Jack Noble, has been at this church for 15 years and was animated.

In the afternoon, we received a call from Joe Giuliano of Ft Lauderdale. He is the owner of a Glacier Bay Cat and called to let us know that if we need any assistance, shopping, etc, he was available. He has been reading our blog since the beginning and read that we were in the area. Since we had just gone to the store and stocked up, we declined his offer, but we certainly appreciate the thought and offer. Thanks, Joe.

We have decided not to go further south. We have seen all the huge yachts and houses we need, so tomorrow, we begin to head north and our rendezvous with shuttle launch in Titusville, FL on Feb 7.

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