01-13-10 Sanibel Island, Sanibel Marina

[Rick] We decided to leave Ron and Marji’s house in Punta Gorda and proceeded to Sanibel Island and the Sanibel Marina. Ron and Marji have been perfect hosts. They arranged for us to dock our boat next door with a neighbor as their boat, Meander, is docked at their house. They have a beautiful home on a canal in Punta Gorda. Before leaving, Betsy took more pictures of the endangered Burrowing Owls. Remember, the person that owns the vacant lot cannot do anything with the lot as long as the owls are on the property.

Ron and Marji
We had a perfect day for boat travel. As we headed out of Charlotte Harbor, we passed Jack and Pia, who had left about 30 minutes before us. They plan to anchor out tonight, and may join us here in Sanibel Marina tomorrow. The seas today were glassy smooth and the temperatures are getting a little warmer every day. Tomorrow we expect to see low 70s at last.
Marina Entrance-Sanibel Marina

We travelled about 45 miles today, down Charlotte Harbor back into the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, which is much like our Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. We arrived at Sanibel Marina on the south end of Sanibel Island early this afternoon. We checked in and got the bikes off the boat for a trek to the lighthouse. This light house, opened in 1884, has been fully restored. The lighthouse is on a beautiful beach that adjoins the Gulf of Mexico. While on the beach, Betsy had to put her foot into the Gulf. She figured this would be her last chance as when we leave here we will be heading inland and leaving the Gulf behind. She always likes to put her feet in the water at least once wherever we are!

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