01-21-10 Show Me the Money…..

[Rick] We left the marina at Stuart, Fl and made our way 35 miles South to North Palm Beach and the marina there. The North Palm Beach Marina is a very nice one indeed. The cost is reasonable ($1.75 per foot plus electric), has wonderful bathroom/shower suites, laundry, cable, free wifi and a decent ships store. One of the marinas we looked at to stay charged $5.35 per foot, plus $10 for electric plus 12.5% tax. We quickly dismissed that marina. The marina we are scheduled to stay tomorrow is $2.25 per foot plus electric plus tax.

The weather was windy and the Intracoastal Waterway had some chop to it. It is great to finally have some great weather. We had the cold weather for so long, that we are appreciative of the great days we have had lately. Today the temperature was 80 with the overnight temp of 67. Best of all, the next week is to be just as good. The weatherman says it will be cooler next week with the temps falling to 72. My kind of weather guy.

Many of our readers have travelled by car to Florida via I-95. The Intracoastal Waterway runs parallel to I-95 and you have seen some of the houses along the highway. Some huge homes are built on the water. In the area that we travelled today, a 5000 sq ft home is considered servants quarters. At one point, Betsy said that she thought one house was a Country Club, only to realize that the next one was even larger and the next one even larger. It is incredible the size of these houses. In addition, in front of many of these homes is sitting a multi-million dollar yacht. On the down side, there are many homes for sale. There is a lot of debt in Florida.

We passed the lighthouse at Jupiter inlet, about the same time we saw the incredibly blue water that has come from the ocean into the inlet. We’ve been to the Caribbean and to the Bahamas, and neither of us had ever seen water this incredible color of blue. I’m sure the pictures don’t do it justice.

As usual, we are the smallest boat in the marina….

Hank and Sue, if you read this, please email us your address. We have some pictures for you.

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