12-05-09 Port St Joe Marina, Port St Joe, FL

[Rick] It was a cold night. Temperature got down to about 38 degrees. We slept in (Rick until 0900) as we knew it would be cold and our trip today would not require us getting going very early. Bay Point Marina is very nice and has all of the amenities. It is the marina for a full development including houses, condos, a restaurant, golf course, etc. The grounds are beautiful.

We got underway about 1230 and headed for Port St Joe Marina. The trip was in two distinct parts. The first thirty miles was on the large St Andrews bay. The second part was in a ditch, very narrow and mostly manmade. There are absolutely no navigation markers as the whole ditch is about 100 feet wide.
Since there are some houses built on the ditch, we saw many “No Wake” signs in front of various houses. At one point, I saw what appeared to be a bald eagle on a stump beside the bank. I immediately slowed down to get a better look. It turned out to be a statue of an eagle. This smart landowner had figured out a way to make people slow down without a “No Wake” sign. I am sure that everyone will slow down to see the eagle. We took pictures of the long away eagle and a close-up. Quite ingenious.

This eagle statue sure fooled me

We finally arrived at Port St Joe. This is a very nice place. They have all of the amenities one could hope for except Cable TV. The Wi-fi is very good. We were able to use the Slingbox to catch up on Thursday night’s showing of Survivor.

We have been running quite fast and long days. The boat is a mess. For this reason, we plan to stay here for several days and do some cleaning up and catching our breath. In addition, there are few crossing days for the Gulf of Mexico and we will stay here until the next good weather window to cross.

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