12-01-09 Tom Conrad Dock – Pensacola, FL

[Rick]We left the Marina at the Wharf, smallest boat in the marina again, and headed for the Tom Conrad Dock. The trip was less than 10 miles. Tom and his wife Patsy live in a lovely home on the GICW and offered to let us tie to their dock to wait out the impending rain and wind storm. We arrived and were tied up by 1000.

We all went to West Marine in the afternoon, followed by Wal-Mart. Had we just gone to Walgreen, we would have hit the Big W trifecta.

Tom is the weather guru for the loopers as they prepare to cross the Florida Big Bend to the Florida West Coast. He prepares a daily “weather musings” report and posts it on the AGLCA looper log each day. The musings tell other loopers what he would do on his 28 ft sailboat regarding when to cross the Gulf of Mexico. Between the musings, NOAA, Windfinder, and the other weather sites, a looper makes the decision as to go or not. For his efforts to make the loop journey better for everyone, Tom was awarded the most prestigious “Skipper Bob Award for Making it Better”. He was very deserving.

[Betsy adds] Patsy has already proved herself to be a great hostess and cook. The meatloaf she prepared for our first night here was superb! She has opened her beautiful home to us and made us feel so welcome. With the storm coming she invited us to stay in their guest bedroom instead of on our boat. We declined that offer because Beamer the Psycho Dog becomes her psycho best if there is thunder and lightning and we didn’t want to leave her alone on the boat.
When we arrived Patsy had just started decorating their Christmas tree. I pitched in and helped. This may be our only shot at getting in the true spirit of Christmas this year! Tomorrow we plan to do some more decorating.

We will be here for a couple of days. The weather is to be very bad for tomorrow and we have plans for a dinner with some other loopers at the Conrad’s for Wednesday night.
Tied to the Conrad dock....

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