09-25-09 Grand Harbor, Counce, TN

We left Clifton Marina this morning with the goal of getting through the Pickwick Lock. As we left, we took a picture of the gas tank on the hill. Last year, during the flood, the water was ABOVE the tank.

We fought the current all the way to the lock. We were only getting about 1.15 mpg. We, and others, estimated the current to be 4-5 mph against us. As soon as we got through the lock, we immediately jumped up to 1.70 mpg. Quite a difference. In addition to the current, it continued to rain all day and into the night.

As we made our way up the river, we saw some wonderful houses built up on the bluffs of the river. In some cases, they were trailers and in other places, they were wonderful homes. Look at those steps.

We first went to Aqua Harbor Marina. They did not return our phone call, answer our VHF call or meet us at the dock. So, we determined they did not seem interested in our business and we backtracked one mile to Grand Harbor. So glad we did. Grand Harbor is an AGLCA sponsor and will host a cocktail party for us at the rendezvous in October. The marina is clean, the restrooms clean, and the staff seems to want to be of assistance. This is a condo development and marina. We have free wifi and cable TV. We plan to stay at least 2 nights, maybe 3.

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