09-21-09 Green Turtle Bay Marina IV

[Rick] Not a lot today. The technician came this morning and we determined that we need a new throttle cable. We decided to replace both the throttle and shifter cable on the starboard motor. The tech did not have the cables and two were ordered from Nashville. Theyare to be here tomorrow.

We did finsh cleaning the boat.

Most of our looper friends did leave Green Turtle Bay today. They are proceeding up (even though they are going south) the Tennessee river. Remember, on the Western Rivers, if you are going against the current, you are NORTHBOUND and if you are with the current, you are SOUTHBOUND. There is no East or West. You are either going North or South. You may recall that the Legendary Delta Queen did not even have a compass onboard. In fact, due to the meandering nature of the Mississippi River, at one point we were going southbound, but the boat compass read due north.

We had been planning to go to Nashville. But, today, we decided to skip Nashville and concentrate our next month on the Tennessee River. We were in Nashvillle last year and still remember it quite well. On the Tennessee, we will go to at least Chattanooga and maybe further. We have a month before the AGLCA rendezvous in October which begins on the 25th.

More on the throttle tomorrow....

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