09-01-09 Marine Services Corp., Dolton, IL

[Betsy] We think we have great news…read on!

We’re still sitting here on the Little Calumet River waiting for news of the Asian Carp closure of the Illinois River, just a few miles from where we are. We are now collectively known as the “carp captives” waiting to go through the “carpel tunnel.” After having the marina to ourselves for the past couple of days, today several of our looper friends joined us here to wait. “Pookie II” and “Riff Raff” pulled in around lunchtime. Jack and Pia on “Still Busy” arrived late this afternoon after going home to North Carolina for a couple of weeks…they had stored their boat here while gone. Two other looper boats that we hadn’t met before also came in today.

Both of the loopers that we hadn’t met before are planning to leave tomorrow or the next day and pay the $600 to be towed. The rest of us were still undecided, but leaning toward waiting until after the Coast Guard makes their decision on Friday as to whether or not we can go through on our own steam. Rick and I had decided that rather than pay $600 to the tow company, we would pay nearly that same amount to this marina to be put on a trailer and hauled around by land if the Coast Guard’s decision was unfavorable. Everyone feels the tow company is gouging us with the price and we’ll do anything to keep from paying them…though we don’t mind paying someone else!

Then just a few minutes ago we were sitting here watching TV and Rick’s phone rang. There is a Glacier Bay owner that lives very close to one of public boat ramps on the Calumet River, just a few miles from here. He has offered to meet us at that ramp Thursday afternoon, and take us to Joliet, IL, the first town past the closure. Total trip will be at most 30 miles over land. He is supposed to call back tomorrow to firm up the plan. His boat is the same make, although at different model, and same length as ours, so his trailer should be perfect.

Rick had posted our plight on the Glacier Bay user’s forum several days ago, and in fact had talked to the folks at Glacier Bay trying to find someone nearby with a trailer that would be able to help us. The guy that called tonight just happened to read the forum this afternoon for the first time in several months and saw Rick’s post.

So keep your fingers crossed that this will work out. Our stay here has been very relaxing and productive…we think we’ve solved our overhead leak problem, and we had a bilge pump replaced. Beamer finally had a bath and a haircut. But there’s nothing to do here and we’re ready to move on!

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  1. Good Things come to who are patient....I think it will work out but take care of the other loopers too....