09-19-09 Green Turtle Bay II

[Rick] After the hard day yesterday, we slept in this morning. Did not do much during the morning. At 1100, we, and two other couples got the marina courtesy car and drove to Paducah, about 30 miles away. Our stated purpose was to see the National Quilting Museum. In reality, we just wanted to get off the boat for a few minutes.

We visited the River Museum in Paducah and found that they have a camera on their building recording the river, 24-7, and the tape goes back a week. We rewound to yesterday morning and sure enough, there are the 9 boats in our flotilla going by the Paducah waterfront. Quite unexpected and very interesting.

We visited the National Quilting Museum. Betsy and I have been there before on one of our river trips. It is a fascinating place. I cannot adequately describe the quilts here. Many were voted as the top 100 quilts in the 20th century. A special exhibit shows WOODEN quilts. Sounds crazy. But artisans carve and shape a piece of wood into the shape of a quilt, with folds, creases, etc. Then they carve designs on the wood. They finish by coloring the designs. It is amazing. One of the exhibits is WWII Bomber jacket and hat, made completely from wood. They did not allow photographs, so I have no pictures. However, if you are ever in the area, go to this museum.

We returned to the marina in time for docktails at 1700. We joined about 30 people there, all talking about the loop and where they had seen each other. One of the couples, on board “Biddi and the Beast” (her name is Biddi, his is Dan but he does have a beastly look), crossed their wake and completed their loop today at this marina, so it was a celebration for them, as well as a birthday celebration for another looper. As the saying goes, “A good time was had by all”.
Biddi and Dan, the couple that have completed the loop today.

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