09-22-09 Green Turtle Bay Marina V (Grand Rivers, KY)

Since we spent another day at Green Turtle Bay getting the throttles fixed there’s not a whole lot to tell today. We were successful in getting the repair done, and look forward to smooth throttling tomorrow.

I took advantage of the day with nothing to do and went to town. Grand Rivers is a very small resort town, beautifully located in what is referred to as The Land Between the Lakes. It is nearly surrounded by water, with Kentucky Lake on one side and Barkley Lake, where we are located, on the other side. There’s not really much in town. The biggest attraction is “Patti’s 1880’s Settlement.” Patti’s Restaurant features their famous 2 inch pork chop, which several of us enjoyed when we ate there Sunday night. It is also famous for their “mile high meringue pie” which you have to see to believe. Patti’s Settlement also consists of numerous gift shops, a farm of sorts that has peacocks, emus, llamas, a pony and various other animals. There is also a tiny wedding chapel, a pond, many exotic plants, and a putt-putt course. In the center of all of this is a little memorial garden explaining how the settlement was started by Patti and Bill Tullar in the early 1970’s. Overall, just a mishmash of stuff that you wander around looking at. The entire settlement takes up about half of the downtown area.

Did I mention Grand Rivers is a small town? Here’s a picture of the City Hall! The unlabeled door is the fire station.

Since nothing much more happened today I just wanted to share a few photos. We mentioned day before yesterday that friends on the boat “Biddi and the Beast” crossed their wake at this marina (finished their loop). They had more mishaps than anyone else we’ve heard of. Three times within a week’s time they hit a rocks in Georgian Bay, and had to have their boat hauled out of the water each time for major repairs…and it is a very large boat! Then just a week or so ago they managed to wrap a chain around a prop. So they were very happy to be done with the loop, although they live on their boat so will just continue cruising. Someone purchased a very appropriate shirt for Dan (aka the Beast) which reads: “I’d rather be in the boat with a drink on the rocks than in the drink with a boat on the rocks.”

Rick mentioned in a recent blog that one of the best things about doing the loop is the camaraderie among loopers. We love having docktails (or dock tales) most evenings prior to dinner. Here is a picture of the small group still left here at Green Turtle Bay.

And here’s a picture of some of the goodies!

And, finally, we’ve been tackling a leak in the main cabin since before we left home. As of today we think we have it fixed (knock on wood). Rick got the caulk out yesterday and caulked the overhead hatches (again) and today it poured, poured, poured rain and there was no leak. The leak was not around the hatches he caulked, but it is sort of like a roof that leaks…you never know where the water is really coming from. So keep your fingers crossed that this minor irritation is taken care of.

Tomorrow we will leave heading up the Tennessee River to at least Chattanooga….

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