09-24-09 Clifton Marina, Clifton TN

[Rick] Well, the rainy season is here. We have been hearing about the rain in the Southeast US, and now it has reached the Tennessee Valley. It rained all night.

I told you yesterday about the complimentary fried mushrooms, fried pickles, and the excellent free dessert at supper. This morning, we were told to report to the restaurant at 0830 for cinnamon rolls. They were excellent, hot and fresh made. I asked for a glass of milk. When we got ready to pay, they said that the rolls were “something we do every morning” and there was no charge. I like this place.

We left the marina at 1000, but immediately the rain came and the fog set in. We returned to the marina. We got a call from our friend Jack saying that 5 miles up the river it was clear. So we waited until the rain stopped, and out we went again. This time, all went well and we had a great day. The Tennessee is a very pretty river. This is a picture from the Clifton Town Park.

We arrived at Clifton Marina in Clifton, TN about 1530, having covered 65 miles. The marina is full but they managed to fit us in on the back side of the fuel dock. We took the courtesy car to town, and let me tell you, Clifton is NOT a happening town. The local bar is only open on Friday and Saturday nights. We were there at 1630 and the sidewalks were rolled up, except for this one. Guess it must be left out since it is historic.

Tomorrow, we begin a series of dams and locks. Most of the lifts will be over 50 feet. However, weather reports are grim, so we may be rained in for the day.

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