11-20-09 Grand Harbor 2

[Rick] We have been lolling around Grand Harbor waiting for Eric to call and let us know when he will be able to perform the 700 hr service on our Honda motors. He called this morning and we are set up for 1300. We have to go about a mile from Grand Harbor to a boatyard with a travel lift. It turns out that they have a 100 ton travel lift, certainly adequate for lifting the 9000 lb Rick ‘N Roll II.

We arrived at 1300, were lifted up and placed on land. The three technicians jumped on the task and got the maintenance done very quickly. We changed the oil, filters, spark plugs, and other general maintenance. We also changed out a bilge pump that had quit working. Here is a picture of us on the travel lift. For those interested, the maintenance is about $600 and the cost for the lift is about $200.

On the way back to Grand harbor, we saw an eagle in a tree. As we approached, he flew off. I got this picture.

Tomorrow, we begin our trip south down the Tom Bigbee waterway. It is 449 miles to Mobile Al. There are 12 locks, all going down, and we anticipate the trip to Mobile to take about 7-8 days.

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