11-18-09 Grand Harbor Marina

[Rick] Welcome back. Today the blog will be in two parts. The first will reference our trip back to North Carolina and the second will talk about our voyage today as we left Joe Wheeler State park.
You will recall that we rented a van, filled it with some things we no longer needed, and went to Sneads Ferry for some R&R. Here are some of the things we did while home:

A. We attended a party for the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the New River Sail and Power Squadron.

B. We got to hear one of the two interim pastors at SFPC, Jim Holderness. He was a very good preacher and we enjoyed his sermons.
C. We made an offer on a used boat on the Tennessee River. We were to sea trial the boat today, but the broker called yesterday and told us that they had discovered a leak in the gas tank. Glad it was discovered then and not after we had agreed to purchase the boat.

D. We had our annual get-together with some of our St Andrews friends for a weekend. We have held this gathering for the past 6 years at our beach cottage in the fall of the year. This is the group that provided the large sign on our beach cottage.

E. Betsy, Beamer, and I all three got buzz cuts the day before returning to Alabama.

F. When we returned to Joe Wheeler State Park Marina, the difference in number of boats was startling. When we left, the marina was full, a result of the AGLCA rendezvous. Today, there are few boats(2) in the transient section.

Part 2. Leaving Joe Wheeler State Park.
We returned the rental van and decided to leave Joe Wheeler and make a run to Grand Harbor Marina. We had to pass through 2 locks, including the 95 ft lift Wilson Lock. The total trip is 62 miles. We have been to Grand Harbor before and find it to be one of our favorite places. The weather was cold and dreary. The temperature was in the low 50’s. The main reason we are here is that we are due for the 700 hour service on our Honda motors. We have arranged for a local Honda Technician to do the service. The main problem is that we have to be lifted out of the water for the service and we have no trailer here. So, we are usually lifted out by travel lifts with the straps. But, it is a concern and a cost, usually about $200.


  1. Rick and Betsy, we have enjoyed following your trip adventures and the excellent pictures and narrative. Thanks for making the effort to share.

    Ted & Katy Williams

  2. Ted and Katy, you should be doing the loop. You have the a perfect boat for it and it would be a geat trip for you. Go for it......