10-16-09 Bay Hill Marina, Athens, AL

[Rick] We finally decided to leave Scottsboro, AL and the Goose Pond Colony Marina. We really enjoyed our 10 nights there but we thought it time to move on. The AGLCA rendezvous begins on Oct 25 at a state park about 100 miles from Scottsboro. Also, we wanted to return to Florence, AL and do some more things at that town. While there, we will go to the National Coon Dog Cemetery and take the guided tour.

We left Goose Pond at 0930 heading down river. We planned to go to Bay Hill Marina in Athens AL and spend two nights before going down to Florence Marina. Most of our travels on the Tennessee River have been on beautiful days, but today was less than ideal. It was cold and windy. We started out in a river so although the wind was in our face, it was not too bad. Shortly after locking down at the Guntersville Lock and Dam another looper that was a couple of hours ahead of us called and told us that in Decatur, where the river widens to the lake, the waves were 3-4 feet. We couldn’t imagine this area having waves that high, but we did consider our options as to where we could pull over if we had to. We pressed forward, knowing our boat probably handled this choppy water better than theirs. When we got to Decatur, the wind was up, but we never saw waves more than 1-2 feet...choppy, but not bad for our boat. We pulled over, had lunch, and made sure that all was secured in the boat just in case things got rougher, and proceeded the twenty miles to Bay Hill Marina.

The entrance to Bay Hill is between some barges, painted blue. The old barges made excellent breakwaters. Upon docking, we are in a covered slip, free Wi-Fi and the price for loopers is $.50 per foot. The showers are a hike, but at least they have showers. We visited with our friends on Falcor, Gayle and Al, for docktails.


Docked just down from us is a 105 foot mega yacht named Bullish that we hopscotched with all afternoon. So big, it blocks out what little sun there was today..


We will stay here until Sunday and go to Florence AL. It is expected to be 36 degrees tomorrow night. All is going very well, and we are dry and warm. Later…….

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